The CorCom Matrix

The CorCom Matrix is a community of ideas and collaborators creating value in a digital economic workspace. The CorCom Matrix provides the digital economic resources to overcome traditional obstacles such as legal fees, startup costs and development collaboration. Imagine the CorCom Matrix as a honeycomb; each cell (or Core Component) representing a different Idea, intellectual property, product, charity, or skilled artisan. There is almost no limit to what a Core Component (or CorCom) can be. These CorComs are rewarded digital resources called COR tokens. CorComs can then use these digital tokens to pay for goods and services provided within the CorCom Matrix. 

In addition, value creating events excecuted by CorComs are rewarded with additional COR rewards.

These are called "Valent Mining Events." 

Imagine that - getting paid to create value.

corcom matrix simple breakdown3.png

Need a website? Logo? Copy writer? The CorCom Matrix gig-economy allows for creators, companies, and professionals to work within the CorCom Matrix to receive COR token as payment. This helps CorComs in generating growth and value while encouraging gig-workers to begin acquiring digital currency to use in the new digital economy of the future.

Now, isn't that exciting?


Here are a few CorComs currently at work in the CorCom Matrix

Lunar Golf Co.png

Lunar Golf Co.

Lunar Golf Company is a Sacramento based Golf Supply and Research Start-up.  

Accepting COR soon!

mushmap corcom.png


Get a grip on your world of data. MushMap is a virtual reality idea and filing vault revolutionizing how we interact with our data. 

thepush corcom.jpg

The Push

The Push is an inspirational documentary about the power of never giving up.